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Kettlebell Workshop

Live In Rockcliffe Park


Kettlebell & Power Yoga
In Rockcliffe Park
Presented by Avril & Sebastian
 Kettlebell & Sivananda Yoga Instructors

JOIN us in this beautiful outdoor location for our Kettlebell workshop(s). Rockcliffe Park is just off the "Sir George- Ėtienne Cartier  Parkway (formerly known as the Rockcliffe parkway). There is a fabulous pavilion available in case of rain. Washroom facilities are on site.

Park @ P2 close to the pavilion. P1 is a little further away but still walking distance to the pavilion...with gear in hand

Here is a google map link ....

Kettlebell Workshops!

An Autumn Day In Rockcliffe Park 
A beautiful day to practice Kettlebell & Power Yoga

Multicolor Coffees

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